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As of 25 March 2010.




From the beginning of his public career as an artist, Kenneth A. Huff has been lecturing and giving presentations about various aspects of his work. These presentations have been given in environments ranging from intimate classroom settings to 5,000-person arenas, from 45-minute lectures about recent work to two-week residencies encompassing public lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Ken’s teaching experience has ranged from intensive corporate training seminars to full-time university courses.

Presentation formats

Presentations tend to fall in the following categories: lectures, demonstrations, workshops and artist-in-residence. Oftentimes, multiple formats are scheduled or combined. For example, a recent engagement involved a lecture to a group of sixty students. Twenty of those students then participated in a three-day workshop introducing Autodesk Maya. The first day of the workshop was a two-hour demonstration of two recently-completed projects. The remainder of the time with the students was spent doing hands-on exercises.

Lectures on personal creative practice

Presentations on Ken’s creative practice generally last forty minutes. Additional time should be allowed for a question and answer period. These lectures focus on recent works, discussing the ideas and the implementation, along with overarching connections within the body of work. The technical aspects of the presentation can be tailored to the needs of the audience, but usually a brief overview of general technique is sufficient for most general audiences. For a more in-depth examination of technique, demonstration, workshop or artist in residence presentations should be considered.

There are numerous major themes which weave through of the body of work. During all presentations, a handful of those connecting threads are gathered and followed. The audience is guided through the inspiration, ideas, techniques and works created. While the primary focus is the work created, that work is inspired by and is at the intersection of many disciplines, including fine art, computer graphics, science and mathematics.

The creative process is discussed, including the visual and technical problem solving that takes place. Generally, the highly technical aspects of the work are explained in general terms, but also can be explored in great depth, when appropriate to the audience.

Workshops, classroom instruction, and lectures on technical topics

There is a deep technical side to Ken’s creative practice which has formed the basis for much of his teaching activities. His practice is based on a deep knowledge of Autodesk Maya and related software, augmented with custom tool development, primarily with Python and Maya’s MEL scripting language. Using Maya as a platform, technical topics include look development, custom tool development, simulation-based processes and rendering. More recently, he has worked to integrate SideEffects Software’s Houdini into his practice. Please see Topics for a detailed list of technical topics.


Demonstrations generally are one to three hours in length and have an informal structure. After a brief introduction, one or more recent projects are worked through, showing specific techniques, but also placing a great deal of emphasis on the non-technical aspects of the creative process, including inspiration, ideas and preliminary sketches. The audience is encouraged to ask questions at any time.

Artist in residence

Artist in residence presentations have lasted anywhere from two days to over two weeks. Typically, they have been set up in a public space of the venue and Ken has been available to the public during established hours which generally correspond with the public hours of the venue. During the time in residence, Ken is creating new work. Members of the public are free to ask questions and to interact with the creative process. Short introductory presentations can be arranged for groups or by appointment.

Custom presentations

Every presentation Ken gives is unique, tailored to the audience and circumstances. New work is being created on a regular basis and is incorporated into each presentation. Technical aspects of the creative process can be touched upon lightly or explored in great depth.

Technical requirements

While specific technical requirements will be established based on event format and content, the following serve as general guidelines.

At least one digital projector capable of 1024 by 768 resolution (non-scaled, minimum) with projector cabling (VGA, DVI or HDMI) such that a laptop can be connected and placed either on the podium or within easy reach of the podium. At least one grounded electrical outlet for a laptop is required at or near the podium. Additional projectors and/or display panels can be utilized.

Presentations currently are given using an Apple MacBook Pro. Appropriate DVI, HDMI or VGA adapters are provided, but not cabling from the computer to the projector(s)/display(s).

Audio connections are encouraged, but currently are specified on a case-by-case basis.

For demonstration and artist in residence presentations (especially those lasting more than an hour), a sturdy table at least 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep and 30 inches high, draped and positioned near the screen. Grounded electrical outlet or extension cord with at least two outlets is also requried.

Wired or wireless access to the Internet is not a requirement, but can be very useful for demonstration and instructional events.

Past events and references

A complete listing of past lectures, workshops, demonstrations, residencies and teaching experience can be found in the curriculum vitae.

References related to past speaking events can be provided upon request.

Fees and expenses

Fees are dependent upon the type, number and length of presentations. In addition to any fees, the sponsoring organization is responsible for transportation, accommodations and per diem. It is possible and encouraged to arrange for the display of physical works or installations in conjunction with presentations.


For more information or to arrange an engagement, please e-mail or telephone Ken at 407-718-5124.

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